What the Public Needs to Know about Clinical Trials

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Wed, 12/07/2011


Exploring Ethics: What the Public Needs to Know about Clinical Trials (Video)

Empowering Patients to Participate in Clinical Trials(Op-Ed)

In her remarks at the fourth forum of the “Exploring Ethics Henrietta Lacks” series, Georgia Robins Sadler spoke on behalf of the scientific research community when she praised the best-selling book for increasing public awareness of the importance of clinical trials.

Author Rebecca Skloot “has done a wonderful service,” said Sadler. “She has put this question before a national audience. As a result of her efforts, the country is coming forward in an interest in ‘What are clinical trials?’ and ‘What is research?’”

Sadler, a Clinical Professor of Surgery at UC San Diego, gave a December 7 presentation on “What the Public Needs to Know About Clinical Trials.” In her talk, she emphasized the urgent need for a pool of clinical research participants that is diverse in age, gender, race, and ethnicity. She outlined the challenges recruiters face in achieving that diversity. And she implored members of underrepresented groups to view clinical trials as “opportunities to make a difference.”

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Georgia Robins Sadler
University of California, San Diego

Georgia Robins Sadler, BSN, MBA, PhD, is the Associate Director for Community Outreach at the Moores UCSD Cancer Center and a clinical professor in the UCSD Department of Surgery. Her research interests focus on testing strategies for enhancing health promotion, addressing health disparities, and promoting clinical trials awareness. In his book, “The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference,” Malcolm Gladwell examined Dr. Sadler’s research with African American cosmetologists. Sadler believed that a program to train cosmetologists to talk with their clients about the importance of early breast cancer could increase the mammography screening rates. Her research proved they could. Dr. Sadler has conducted an equally innovative program in partnership with Asian grocery stores and hundreds of bilingual, bicultural college students to deliver life saving cancer control information to the Asian community. Dr. Sadler will discuss her research work related to increasing the community’s awareness of the role clinical trials play in advancing medical discoveries and what every person needs to know about clinical trials.

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