Date & Time

Wed, 01/07/2009


This panel explored the complexities of race and culture in the practice of medicine. Some of the questions addressed were: How do the concepts of race and culture alter the practice of medicine? In what ways might it be better for the practice of medicine to be blind to race and culture? In what ways might it be better for the practice of medicine to take into account race and culture?


Michael Hardimon

Before coming to UCSD in 1995, I taught at Harvard and MIT. My main areas of research lie in 19th century German Philosophy, ethics, and social and political philosophy. As a historian, I am especially interested in the development of ethical thought in German philosophy from Kant to Nietzsche, and its relevance for contemporary ethical theory. As a moral philosopher, I am especially interested in “normative meta-ethics,” that is, with the philosophical questions concerning the nature of morality. I have a strong interest in Kant generally (both his practical and theoretical philosophy) and a growing interest in Nietzsche. I have also worked in applied and professional ethics and on philosophical problems of race.

Dixie Galapon

Dixie Galapon is a professional oil painter whose work reflects the vibrancy of colors around her. Born in Los Angeles, California, her journey as an artist began long before she received formal instruction as a painter.

She proceeded to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in psychology (with a Minor in Fine Arts) in 1991 from the University of California at Irvine. She ultimately obtained a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in 1997. Yet in spite of her energy focused towards a professional career in psychology, her yearning to maintain her creative spirit still endured. Such evidence was reflected in her work with various media including pastel drawings, ceramics and collage.

Today, Galapon devotes her time equally between her work as a behavioral healthcare professional, and her work as an accomplished artist. She still continues to paint prolifically, and displays and sells her work all over San Diego, and nationwide.

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