Ethics Center Survey Results

In May, we asked our Ethics Center mailing list subscribers to complete an online survey about our programs and logistics. Thank you to those of you who took the time to respond and share your thoughts with us. The feedback has been very informative and will be invaluable as we continue to plan exciting programs for the years to come. We are sharing a summary of the survey results below. If you have feedback you would like to share, please get in touch with us.


2016 Ethics Center Survey Results Summary

  • The top three reasons respondents missed past programs were: timing of the event (5-7 pm) (29%), work/family obligations (38%) and location not convenient (25%).
    • 31% chose “Other” as a reason (or additional reason) as to why they missed a past program.
      • “Other” includes: Scheduling conflicts, illness, and travel.
  • 25% of respondents cited “location of event not convenient” as the reason they did not attend Ethics Center events.
    • 55% of respondents are interested in an Ethics Center event at an alternative location.
      • Alternative location suggestions include: San Diego libraries, UTC, Clairemont, North County, UCSD campus venues, San Diego museums, Community Centers
  • Majority of respondents (66%) cited the timing of Ethics Center events, 5-7 pm on a weeknight, as “convenient” or “very convenient.”
    • 23% of respondents cited the timing of events as “inconvenient” or “very inconvenient.”
      • Suggestions for alternative timeframes include: later in the evening (6-8 pm or 7-9 pm after rush hour traffic), weekends, earlier in the day (morning or afternoon).
  • Majority of respondents (61%) consider the day of the week for Ethics Center events (Wednesdays) as “convenient” or “very convenient.”
    • Only 11% consider Wednesdays an “inconvenient” or “very inconvenient” day of the week for our events.
      • Alternate days of the week suggested by respondents include: Thursdays and Saturdays, with one respondent suggesting Mondays/Tuesdays and one suggesting Sundays.

Notable Suggestions:

On the event format:

“I have attended since the beginning. I think we lost spontaneity when we began writing questions on cards. I don’t think that is necessary for a small group. I realize you probably want more control due to the filming, but it does diminish the liveliness of the discussions.”

“It is difficult to remain mute during the entire time. Some kind of interaction would be nice.”

“I consistently enjoy the presentations, but they sometimes skew to didactic presentations, and lack ethical discussions. Attendees need some education for context, but I’d like to hear more discussion of the ethical considerations for the topics. These don’t need to be contentious, but rather a framing of the conversation relative to ethical concerns.”

On the timing of the event:

“5:00 pm might be too early for folks leaving from work to get there.”

“The talks sounded fascinating, I would have gone at an earlier time.”

“It just wasn’t a good fit for me as far as timing.”

On communication for the events:

“It might be helpful to have an advance list of future topics in order to plan ahead.”

On topic suggestions:

“The new CRISPR protocol”

“Information on ‘free energy’”

“I’d love to see a program on combating conspiracy theories and the rumor mill of social media.”

On the venue:

Need a venue that accommodates and offers more disabled parking.”

Parking is always a problem.”


“This is an outstanding program! I have learned so much from the wide variety of speakers. I also love the location. I have one suggestion. It is difficult to remain mute during the entire time. Some kind of interaction would be nice. Thank you!”

“I like the current venue. Easy for me to get to, easy to find.“

“Love what you are doing. Please keep up the good work.”

“You have a wonderful selection of topics. Thank you!”

“I only recently started attending these talks, but they have all been fantastic. Thank you!”