Date & Time

Wed, 11/05/2008


The health care system is rapidly moving from paper formats to electronic formats. It is modernizing much in the same way that financial systems in banks did decades ago. However, in the health care system, the new electronic systems introduce new risks and rewards for patients, health care providers, and others. Some of the hot-button issues include privacy, confidentiality, security, cost, and error reduction, to mention a few.

This talk introduced a universe of activity and changes currently hidden to most individuals, and probe the various aspects of the new systems and what they mean to us as individuals and patients.

Key aspects of the discussion:

  • What changes do electronic health records bring?
  • What is the National Health Information Network, and why should anyone care about it?
  • What does it mean to us as individual patients?
  • What happens to large databases of electronic health care records inside and outside the health care system?
  • Are there new privacy and security risks in an electronic health care system?
  • What do E-prescriptions mean to people who take prescription drugs?
  • What has Congress been doing and talking about in this area, and how will the new administration build on current efforts?



Pam Dixon
World Privacy Forum

Author and researcher Pam Dixon founded the World Privacy Forum in November 2003. As an author and a researcher, she has consistently broken critical new ground in her work. She researched and wrote the first report on medical identity theft (May 2006), bringing that topic to the public for the first time. Medical identity theft is now a widely acknowledged issue, just two years after the report’s publication. In 2008, a California law was passed based on Dixon’s research, and Dixon has also worked on medical identity theft issues nationally and internationally through her non-profit work public interest research work with the World Privacy Forum.

John Macaulay

With a background as both a physician and an information technology professional, John brings a unique blend of health care and technology expertise to the design of Anakam’s product offerings. His business savvy, industry insight, and thought leadership has helped Anakam build a formidable presence within the Healthcare and Life Sciences vertical and he is a nationally recognized and sought after speaker in Health Informatics Identity Management.

Upon earning his undergraduate degree, acceptance to medical school and completing a distinguished collegiate football career at Stanford University and in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers and on the San Francisco 49ers as a member of the 1984 Super Bowl championship team, John joined Microsoft where his leadership characterized the late 80s growth of this software giant.

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