Date: Fri, 07/27/2012 – Sat, 08/04/2012
For Summer 2012, the Ethics Center continued its educational partnership to promote interdisciplinary excellence in California high schools in collaboration with COSMOS (the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science).

In the second annual “COSMOS Ethics in Science Essay Contest” recognized eight COSMOS students in the UCSD Summer 2012 program for outstanding analysis of the ethical dimensions of their own hands-on scientific research. First prize winners in each of the 8 clusters were:

And Grand Prize winner was Charles Bieler of Cluster 3. The essay written by Charles can be found here.


Pictured above are the first and second prize winners from each cluster. On the far right, from back to front, are Charles Tu (COSMOS Director), David Higgins (member Ethics Center Executive Committee and coordinator for the COSMOS Ethics in Science program), and Mike Kalichman (Director, Center for Ethics in Science and Technology.

More detail about the contest can be found here.