Date: Sat, 08/01/2015 – Sun, 08/30/2015


In collaboration with the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) for high school students, the Ethics Center hosted its fifth annual COSMOS Ethics in Science Essay Contest. This year, it awarded four grand prize winners for their excellent analyses of ethics in science and technology research.

Results of the 2015 COSMOS Ethics in Science Essay Contest:

First Place: Wei Xiong (Los Altos High, Los Altos, CA), “Surveillance vs. Security”

Second Place: Thomas Kim (Del Norte High, San Diego, CA), “Geo-Engineering: Humanity’s Golden Fleece or Pandora’s Box?”

Third Place Tie: Sara Friend (Los Altos High, Los Altos, CA), “Building Lasers: The Future of Military Weaponry” and Yuchen Jiang (Evergreen Valley High, San Jose, CA), “How to Perfect the Digital Doctors of the Future”

Congratulations to all of our 2015 COSMOS Ethics Essay Awardees!