Date & Time

Mon, 03/01/2004


We have recently created a San Diego-based project that we are calling the Center for Ethics in Science and Technology. The mission of the Center will be to promote science in the public interest through more informed policy development and decision-making on the part of individuals, corporations, and institutions, and it will do so by providing resources and services to increase awareness, understanding and discussion of the ethical implications of new developments in science and technology.


We intend for this Center to serve the needs and interests of the broader San Diego community, and the first step in this process is to determine what those needs and interests are. As part of this process, we would like to invite you to participate in a focus group luncheon for a small group (8-10 participants) of religious leaders in San Diego. The luncheon will be held on Monday, March 1st from 12:00 PM -1:30 PM at the University of San Diego. During that meeting, we hope to hear from you some of the ways in which the Center can serve the needs and interests of the religious communities in San Diego.


The Center has already received start-up funding from the Legler Benbough Foundation for its first years of operation. In September, 2003 it sponsored an invitational luncheon with Thomas Murray, President of the Hastings Center. This event included a lecture by Dr. Murray entitled “Meeting Ethical Challenges in Science and Technology: From Tuskegee to Stem Cells” and an initial discussion with San Diego leaders of the mission and goals of a San Diego-based center for ethics in science and technology.


Our efforts have been directed by a larger Steering Committee that includes Peter Ellsworth (Legler Benbough Foundation), Mark Trotter (retired United Methodist Minister), John Reed (President & CEO of the Burnham Foundation) as well as Chris Todd (President of the SD County Bar Association). The day-to-day workings of the Center are the responsibility of Mike Kalichman (Director, Research Ethics Program, UCSD), Larry Hinman (Director, The Values Institute, University of San Diego), Sara Burke (Project Director, San Diego Science and Technology Council, UCSD) and Andrea Paik (Program Coordinator, Research Ethics Program, UCSD).