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Using robots to kill: Ethics debated after Dallas

Program Director Mike Kalichman responds to the use of a robot to kill the sniper suspect during the shootings in Dallas on Thursday, July 7, 2016 in USA Today article, “Using robots to kill: Ethics debated after Dallas” (USA Today)

San Diego Scientists Weigh Ethics Body Cameras

KPBS covers the research taking place at UC San Diego on the data generated by wearable cameras and GPS trackers. Researchers are gaining valuable information from this data but ethical questions arise about how this information should be used, how to protect the privacy of

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No Results Yet In San Diego Ebola Drug Trial

KPBS News consulted Director, Mike Kalichman, on the inconclusive results of the experimental Ebola drug ZMapp. “Nearly a year and a half after the experimental Ebola drug ZMapp reportedly “saved” the lives of two American aid workers, experts still can’t say whether the San Diego-made

Mosquitoes made infertile to combat malaria

Bradley Fikes of the San Diego Union~Tribune writes about the controversial topic of sterilizing female Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes to inhibit the transmission of malaria. Mike Kalichman, Director of the Ethics Center and UC San Diego’s Research Ethics Program, shares, “The population genetics here get very

Scientists Spread Anti-Malaria Genes Through Mosquitoes

In November, KPBS covered the research being done by UC San Diego scientists on the gene editing of mosquitoes. As UC San Diego researchers consider a way to combat malaria by editing the gene of mosquitoes, Mike Kalichman considers a few ethical questions, such as

Researchers Reanimate Frankenstein to Bring Science to Life

Arizona State University is designing a museum inviting anyone willing to participate to explore ethics and science through the well-known story of Frankenstein. The museum is set to open in 2018 and will focus on scientific progress and ethics to stimulate conversation. “We wanted to