[The Ethics Center is important to] further our civic discourse, to help us become a more just and fair society, to encourage the free exchange of ideas. - Stephen Weber, President Emeritus, San Diego State University


Spotlight Program

Cancer Care in the Era of Genomics and Proteomics with Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD

This program addresses challenges and possible solutions for the collection and use of large amounts of data, and redefining cancer care based on molecular driven decisions.

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This past year, the Ethics Center has explored the themes of privacy, big data, and medicine. What are the limits of big data when it comes to conducting potentially lifesaving research? How can we continue to protect privacy while still advancing health care? What are the ethical questions researchers face? What are the ethical questions members of the public face?

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Recent News

Researchers Reanimate Frankenstein to Bring Science to Life

Arizona State University is designing a museum inviting anyone willing to participate to explore ethics and science through the well-known story of Frankenstein. The museum is set to open in 2018 and will focus on scientific progress and ethics to stimulate conversation.

Texas Leading Challenge to New Smog Standards

Ethics Center Director, Mike Kalichman, was recently interviewed by the Texas Tribune on the topic of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's new ozone standards intended to reduce pollution nationwide. In the article, Mike Kalichman discusses the ethical issues facing industry-funded research. The article can be found here.

How Should Drug Trials Be Conducted In The Middle Of An Ebola Outbreak?

Ethics Center Director Mike Kalichman was recently interviewed on the topic of conducting drug trials during an Ebola outbreak. You can read the article and watch an accompanying video here: How Should Drug Trials Be Conducted in the Middle of an Ebola Outbreak

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